Easy to use, Intuitive Interface.

Experience a fresh and uncluttered website for searching your home. No need to navigate through a maze of dropdowns and checkboxes to discover the properties you like. Use map based discovery and navigation for homes and for available facilities in the neighbourhood of your interest.


Deep Insights, Easier Decisions.

A range of visualizations that provide valuable insights and analysis; providing you with all the information you need to help with your decision making process. Graphs and Charts enable an objective analysis of property prices and monitor trending of rates over time and across neighbourhoods. The visualizations are built by leveraging a comprehensive set of internal as well as trustworthy external data sources.


Strong Network, Quality Content!

clapdoor believes in building relations with builders and agents and partnering with complimentary businesses to bring to you a comprehensive set of properties. clapdoor screens all the properties for authenticity of information and up-to-dateness of content, so that you always see high quality listings. All the information on is managed internally to allow for a website that is fast, reliable and trustworthy.