Properties Projects
Rs / sqft
Average listing price
Maharashtra 544 154 31598 Rs 21.52 crores
Pune 155 40 2200 Rs 1.46 crores
There are 155 properties and 40 active projects in the city of Pune across 20 neighbourhoods. The average price of an active property in Pune is Rs 1.46 crores. You can research the neighbourhoods in Pune by clicking on the links below.
Pune is the seventh largest metropolis in India and the second largest in the state of Maharashtra.

It is situated 560 metres above sea level on the Deccan plateau at the right bank of the Mutha river. Pune city is the administrative headquarters of Pune district and was once the centre of power of the Maratha Empire.

Pune is known to have existed as a town since 847 AD. It was the first capital of the Maratha Empire under Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosale. In the 18th century, Pune became the political centre of Indian subcontinent, as the seat of Peshwas who were the prime ministers of the Maratha Empire.

Pune is sometimes considered the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Since the 1950-60s, Pune has had traditional old-economy industries which continue to grow. The city is now also known for Manufacturing, Automobile, Government & Private sector Research Institutes, Information technology as well as Educational, Management and Training institutes that attract migrants, students and professionals not only from India but also from South East Asia, Middle East and African countries.